Baron Capital Enterprise, Inc.


Baron would like to outline the following schedule for bringing the Company back to "Current Status" with OTCMarkets.

By July 18th the Application will be filed and the fee paid to OTCMarkets.

The Initial Disclosure Statement shall be filed immediately upon approval of the Application.

The Financial Reports beginning with the 2012 Annual Report through the June 2014 Quarterly Report, will be filed as an individual Reports for their respective time period.

Once all the Financials have been filed the Attorney Letter will be filed and the C/E should be removed a few days later and the Company shall be restored to Current Status.

Once all the above has taken place Baron shall issue its first News Release since 2012.

As part of the filings Baron will file a Supplemental Report producing a copy of the 800,000 share Preferred Certificate from RIGH issued in March of 2011 and all the supporting documents used by RIGH to issue that certificate including the FedEx label showing the package being sent by their transfer agent.

Baron shall also upload the executed Stock Purchase Agreement and the Note issued in 2011 when the transaction was completed.

Baron will also upload the last Amendment executed by RIGH in October of 2012 extending the payment on the Note until January of 2013, which will show the concessions made by RIGH should the Note not be paid back.

Baron reported in 2012 a billing issue with its transfer agent Continental Stock Transfer, this issue has not been resolved and as a result Continental has left Baron in a suspended state.  Baron has not had the ability to issue any of its Common stock or convert any of its Preferred stock since the middle of 2012.

Once the Company has filed all it the necessary documents to become "Current" with OTCMarkets Baron will resolve the issue with Continental and change transfer agents.

The Share structure has remained the same since October of 2011, the last issuance took place in January of 2012.  There are no immediate plans to file any changes with the State of Florida to increase or decrease the current share structure.